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707 18th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37203

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Susan Speck - Webster, Website Design

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Julius Kukta said on Mar 4, 2013 11:24 AM

Hi Mark, I gave you and your lovely wife and daughter a ride back to your hotel after church today. Hope your Hawaiian cruise was a great time. Enjoyed the brief visit. Take care Brother!

Arleta Cahill said on Oct 3, 2012 4:28 AM

I sat beside you at the award show for IBMA Thursday night. Enjoyed talking to you. I listened to you on a song on your website and I find it very good and I know that is a lot of work on your part. Anyway, someday you may be on the award's stage with all the other good ones. Keep up the good work. If you still want to send the "couch lady" a CD here's the address. Arleta Cahill 1810 N. Ethan Lane Independence, MO 64058 Thanks so much, I know you are going far with the music, "

Lowell Allen said on Sep 9, 2012 8:20 AM

Hi Mark, I enjoyed making your acquaintance today. Thanks for inviting us to get out of van. My wife has back trouble which has been especially troublesome this past week, so it seemed the comfort of the van seat might have been a good compromise for her to hear the music, and also be comfortable. Since the show she hasn't complained about her back. So your music must be good for what ails a body. I know you were disappointed about the crud effects. As I explained concerning another bluegrass artist, the quality of one's voice is just one facet of whether or not an artist is appealing. Are they likeable? Lovable even? Or rude and mean? We went to see of our favorite artists. The banjo player kicked off the wrong song. Immediately the artist stopped the song and hollered to banjo player "WRONG SONG!" A couple of songs later, the artist performed the "wrong song." I'm sure you could imagine many positive ways to cover up the mistake. The artist lost two fans, maybe more that night. There's a saying that adversity brings out the true person. We had rain, but that didn't dampen your spirit. You had the crud, but with a smile you just tried harder. You have two new fans, no doubt more. Thanks to the other musicians and bands. As I mentioned, we're traditional fans so your title cut is right down our lane. Because I appreciate talent, I enjoyed the diversity of artists, even if the niche didn't make me feel like dancing. Compliments also to your family who were excellent representatives. Thanks to your sister who encouraged us to eat and drink. We enjoyed our meal with new friends. Best wishes for success with Uneven Road. Lowell

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